5 Best Cordless Airbrush For Miniature in 2024 – Reviewed & Tested

Are you tired of the old traditional methods of painting your miniatures? Is it hard for you to arrange a power source outdoor for airbrushing miniatures?  Do not worry; we have some of the best cordless airbrushe for Miniature, which you can use indoors and adjust according to your choice.

Airbrushes are the new normal in the miniature industry. They are more convenient to use and create zero mess. The unique design of the airbrush allows it to hold and operate with ultimate convenience. Although multiple brands offer quality airbrushes, we have combined some of the top cordless airbrushes for miniatures after testing them professionally.

Best Cordless Airbrush For Miniatures

Master Airbrush Model G22Master Airbrush Model G22⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Gocheer Upgraded 30PSI AirbrushGocheer Upgraded 30PSI Airbrush Kit⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Fehrominger Airbrush Kit With CompressorFehrominger Airbrush Kit⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Autolock 30 PSI AirbrushAutolock 30 PSI Airbrush Kit⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Iwata-Medea EclipseIwata-Medea Eclipse HP CS Dual Action Airbrush Gun⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1. Master Airbrush Model G22 – Endless Cordless Masters

Master Airbrush cordless airbrush

While looking for an airbrush that can go great for my miniature painting experience, I found the Master airbrush, an endless cordless master. The airbrush is easy to hold with a more efficient and sleek design. The cordless airbrush is multipurpose; it can also be used for cakes, miniatures, and face painting.

The airbrush is sturdy yet remarkably lightweight; hence, we can handle it easily. With a 1-½” wide background spray, we can work with this airbrush on small details like a hairline. The airbrush goes great for all paint types and is great to be used by beginners and professionals simultaneously.

The airbrrush has a 0.3 mm nozzle, which we can use for a thick to thin, precise paint application without clogging. With a ⅓ gravity feed system, we can put in a reasonable amount of paint for significant application usage. With the gravity feed, the paint sprayed is even and smooth.

The airbrush is dual-action. With the dual-action airbrush, we can adjust the amount of spray and air without stopping spraying, which means we can go for an unstoppable painting experience. The thumb has no strain with a quality trigger while using the airbrush. Three nozzles add up to the versatility of the airbrush.

  • Forgiving hence easy to use
  • Quiet for noiseless working
  • Multiple nozzles set for versatile usage
  • Quality construction for a smooth airflow
  • Three-piece head for versatile usage
  • Sometimes it only sprays air that might be solved after adequately cleaning.


  • Label: Master Airbrush
  • Model: G22-2
  • Needle Size: 0.3 mm
  • Air Tank: Not Included
  • Action Type: Dual-Action
  • Weight: 6.4 Ounces
  • Ink Feed Type: Gravity Feed

The airbrush is an endless cordless master airbrush that opens the doors of an infinity of arts for its users. With the unique three nozzle system, we can use the airbrush for fine miniature painting to a breathtaking face paint session. The airbrush is easy to use; hence is a perfect choice for beginners.

2. Gocheer Upgraded 30PSI Airbrush Kit – Best Scale Model Airbrush

Gocheer Airbrush cordless airbrush

While looking for a good airbrush kit, I found the Gocheer, one of the best scale model airbrushes. The airbrush comes with a three-mode system. The high mode has high pressure for large areas and medium pressure for shoes and clothes. The low mode with a pressure of 15 PSI is great for miniature and other small jobs.

The airbrush comes with a multiple nozzle set. The set ranges from 0.3 mm to a 0.5 mm nozzle set, which is a treat for airbrush painters as they offer a smooth paint flow with zero clogging and are easy to clean. The kit includes a compressor compatible with a male-to-male air hose for all kinds of airbrushes.

The package’s air gun is dual-action, allowing a smooth airflow and paint. The gravity feed ink cup enables the ink to flow smoothly while combining with the air. The 2″ wide background of the airbrush can cover multiple ranges of jobs. The painting is more convenient and long-lasting with a unique pump adoption technology.

  • Multiple spraying functions for a versatile usage
  • Advanced case painting for water-resistant glossy results
  • Multiple accessories for a wholesome usage
  • Upgraded compressor for an upgraded air-level control
  • Stable with high-quality construction
  • The magnetic map is unfoldable; hence is hard to store, yet you can keep it separately.


  • Label: Gocheer
  • Model: 101-BMC
  • Needle Size: 0.3 mm
  • Air Tank: Not Included
  • Action Type: Dual Action
  • Weight: 2.2 Pounds
  • Ink Feed Type: Gravity Feed

The airbrush is the best scale model airbrush as it comes with multiple adoptions. The airbrush comes with accessory storage and has a stand for the pen to stand on. The airbrush is easy to use yet gives a professional feel. People who want to be a pro at spray painting should go for it.

3. Fehrominger Airbrush Kit With Compressor – Best Cordless Airbrush For Miniatures

Fehrominger Airbrush Kit

I have been using the AirBrush kit with a compressor by Fehrominger for more than a year, and it proved to be one of the best cordless airbrushes for miniatures. The airbrush is cordless with a compressor attached at the bottom in a lightweight by which I can carry it all around.

The airbrush is a treat as I can do all my jobs conveniently without tangling in the wires. The airbrush has a battery life of almost sixty minutes, enough to paint a miniature. If I am doing an outdoor job, the airbrush easily gets charged by my laptop, power bank, or any other power strap.

The airbrush compressor has three working modes through which I can cover multiple types of jobs with just one piece of equipment. The air gun works on a pressure of 18 psi, 25psi, and 30psi, which we can use to do wall spray painting to small miniature jobs. The lowest pressure range goes excellent for a clean miniature painting.

The airbrush is double-action. With the double-action enhanced composition, I can easily control the amount of paint released in relation to the air pressure to get the best results. The airbrush has an internal mixing system that maintains the paint quality for a better texture. The nozzle is around 0.3 mm for perfect clog free usage.

  • Multiple charge option for convenience
  • Lithium-Ion batteries for a safe cordless usage
  • Internal mix for a hassle-free painting
  • Multiple applications with three pressure levels
  • Interchangeable ink cups for easy usage and cleaning
  • The airbrush needs to be charged timely for good battery life maintenance.


  • Label: Fehrominger
  • Model: Airbrush With Compressor
  • Needle Size: 0.3 mm
  • Air Tank: Not Included
  • Action Type: Dual Action
  • Weight: 1.17 Pounds
  • Ink Feed Type: Gravity Feed

I found the airbrush kit by Fehrominger one of the best cordless airbrushes for miniatures. It is convenient to use and easy to clean. With one-hour battery life, I can use it on the go. The airbrush is best for those who keep the equipment in their bag as it is cordless and portable.

4. Autolock 30 PSI Airbrush Kit – Best Airbrush For Crafts

Autolock 30PSI airbrush

While looking for the best airbrush for crafts, I found the AutoLock- 30 PSI Airbrush. Its features grabbed me to put the airbrush in my cart. The airbrush is rechargeable with a quality battery timing. The airbrush is intelligent enough to simultaneously act as a single-action airbrush and a dual-action brush. The airbrush has a brilliant display with white light for full power and a red light for low battery.

The airbrush has a trigger button which goes great for controlling the paint. Pressing the trigger lets us release paint while releasing it stops the paint flow. The airbrush has multiple pressure adjustments, which go great to paint on all types of miniature and other craft types. 25 PSI is great to paint on miniature.

The airbrush is intelligent as it can work as both a single-action airbrush and a double-action airbrush. Changing the working mode according to the object we are painting is easy. The airbrush has a nozzle of 0.4 mm, which has no clogging and draws a fine line.

  • Fast charging for easy usage
  • Intelligent for a versatile usage
  • Multi-purpose with pressure adjustments
  • Convenient to use with an automatic On/Off
  • Easy to use with one button pressure adjustment
  • Whenever you use acyclic paint, it is crucial to dilute it with a proper thinner so you can resist any kind of clogging.


  • Label: Autolock
  • Model: BO953HDQGC
  • Needle Size: 0.4 MM
  • Air Tank: Not Included
  • Action Type: Dual And Single
  • Weight: 1.5
  • Ink Feed Type: Gravity Feed

The Autolock is one of the best airbrushes for crafts as it has an intelligent sensor and shows the battery for convenient usage. The airbrush is portable with small size and can be charged with a single USB cable. The airbrush is best for people who need to paint on the go. It charges only for 1.2 hours.

5. Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP CS Dual Action Airbrush Gun

Iwata-Medea cordless Airbrush gun

I have been working with the Iwata cordless airbrush for more than a year, and it proved to be one of my best artistic choices. The airbrush is easy to use; even my five-year kid can paint with it. The airbrush has a pattern of 50 mm, which is highly detailed.

The airbrush comes with a 0.35 mm nozzle known for precise miniature painting. A special feed cup of ⅓ oz stores a good amount of paint. The funnel shape of the ink cup makes it much easier to clean.

The single cut-away handle is great for easy pushing out the spray. The CS system of the paint gun goes great for the proper maintenance of shades. The toner compatible with the airbrush is a perfect match for glossy shades.

  • Durable with quality construction
  • Unique ink feed shape for easy cleaning
  • Heavy spray with CS technology
  • Thin needle for zero clogging
  • The flexible trigger for easy paint flow
  • Not for high professional jobs, but it is excellent for kids.


  • Label: IWATA-MEDEA Inc
  • Model: ECL 4500
  • Needle Size: 0.35 mm
  • Air Tank: Not Included
  • Action Type: Dual-Action
  • Weight: 9.6 Ounces
  • Ink Feed Type: Gravity Feed

IWATA cordless airbrush is one of the top quality airbrushes which one can use to know the basics of art and to use the airbrush. It is an excellent product for beginners who want to master the airbrush spray style.

Cordless Airbrush Buying Guide

The thought of an airbrush painting gun emerged from the car spray painting, which was used to apply a fine layer of paint coat over the surface. The market is filled with multiple brands of the best cordless airbrush for miniatures. Finding the best one that can go well for your job is challenging among all these fantastic brands. Here is a list of instructions you should see and the features you should look for in an airbrush before you jump into the market.

Which Type Suits Miniature

Based on the action, there are two types of airbrushes. Both the types have their benefits and some drawbacks. The choice is all about your preferences. The two types of airbrushes are single-action brushes and dual-action brushes.

  • Single Action Airbrush

A single-action brush has a one-action button on the top. With this button, you can adjust the air pressure. If you want to adjust the amount of paint, you must move back to the needle area. This is time-consuming as you must stop painting and make precise adjustments. With more effort, people mostly prefer to switch towards Double-Action Airbrush.

  • Double Action Airbrush

This type of airbrush is more convenient to use. The airbrush has a single button that controls both paint spread and the airflow in the nozzle. The first step is to pull the trigger on the back side and then press it to release the paint; the more you press the knob, the more paint is released with a higher intensity. Miniature artists mostly prefer to have a double-action airbrush.

What To Buy “A Kit Or A Brush”?

Kits come with all the accessories associated with the airbrush. If you are a beginner, it is suggested to buy an airbrush kit. If you are not purchasing a kit, prefer to buy the brush and accessories from the same brand. This trick would help you to master the art of using an airbrush.

If you have already been working with airbrushes and have a stock of multiple accessories, do not buy a kit. It would be a complete waste of money. Kits are the best for beginners; professionals can elaborate their skills with any equipment.

The Needle Size Trick

One of the very crucial factors which you should keep in mind before buying an airbrush is the needle size. A needle might vary in size. It can be thick or thin.

A thin needle gives small space in the nozzle. The paint has more chances to clog in the nozzle and becomes hard to clean. The trick is to dilute the paint for an easy spray experience. There is a smooth layering with a thick needle.

A thick needle sprays a good amount of paint. There are very few chances of clogging. You do not need to dilute the paint. Just a little amount of thinner or water would do the job. The most used airbrush has a needle size of 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm. If you have just started to work with an airbrush, buy a needle of 0.3 mm.

The Ink Feed Cup Allocation

There are two types of feed cups available in the airbrush. Both feed styles have their pros and cons. The two types are known as the Gravity Feed and Siphon Feed.

  • Gravity Feed

Gravity-feed airbrush is the most commonly used type of airbrush. In this type, the ink chamber is present on the upper portion of the airbrush. The ink is pushed by gravity and is sprayed with the help of air pressure.

  • Siphon Feed

The Siphon Feed is a large space present under the airbrush. Storing a large amount of paint with a Siphon feed is much easier with a Siphon feed. The feed type is used to paint larger surfaces. In this type, the paint moves through a channel and then blends with thinner, which is further pressed by air to be applied by you to the masterpiece.


  • What is the best airbrush for plastic models?

Master Airbrush is one of the best Airbrushes one can use for plastic miniatures.

  • Is it worth buying an airbrush for miniature painting?

Miniature painters know that their work should be exact and detailed. With a traditional brush, it was hard to paint with precision as a slight movement in the brush could destroy the whole work. It was also hard to stand outdoors for painting and wait till it dries out.

Airbrushes are a revolution in miniature painting. They are more convenient to use and mess-free. With an airbrush, you can master control of the paint and its application. Hence it is worth buying an airbrush for miniature painting.

  • Is it necessary to buy an airbrush with an air tank?

An air tank with an airbrush is attached to reduce the noise. The air tank makes a noise until it gets filled with air. You have to stop using the airbrush until the tank refills. Buying an air tank makes the airbrush expensive. It is considered an accessory that is good to have but not mandatory. You can buy it if your budget allows you to do so.

  • Is it easy to paint miniatures with an airbrush other than traditionally painting them?

Yes, it is very easy to paint miniatures with an airbrush. It is hard to tackle the problems which come with traditional painting. That is the reason why most users move to use the airbrush.

  • Is it a hard job to learn airbrushing?

No, it is not a hard job to learn how to use an airbrush. All you have to do is a little practice on paper, and you are ready to go.

Final Verdict

Are you still confused about your purchase? Do not worry; here are the top picks by our experts, which you can buy even with closed eyes.

We tried to cover as much details as we could in this article about the best cordless airbrush for miniatures covering their use and what makes them the best. We have also posted more useful articles about airbrushes that you can explore to gain more useful knowledge. Let use know in the comments section which airbrush you have had good experience with.

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